In 1989 Tiziano Giacomoni, driven by his great passion for the audio sector, sets up his own company and on his own builds the first Italian Hi-End amplifier called ESOFABER (25OW + 25OW). This first success allows the company to develop and to create expert in-house design engineers who over the years have led G.T.Trading to make its debut, thanks to important co-operations, in the home sector with the trade mark ALOIA. Today, with STEG MSK 3000, an amplifier capable of delivering power of 3000 Waft RMS on 2 ohm in mono and fitted with components selected from the best manufacturers in the world, G.T.Trading sets a new quantitative and qualitative standard for the Italian and world car hi-fi systems. Its capability of delivering huge output current makes it ideal for installation in racing cars or for "audiophiles" who love listening to "pure" sound. Its shape, elegant and aggressive at the same time, is the fruit of careful study of even the smallest aesthetic, constructive and functional detail on the part of the G.T.Trading engineers.
For G.T Trading all this represents a goal and not a finishing line; the firstborn of the new millennium which marks the beginning of numerous and interesting evolutions).